GOAL: To Graduate.

1/30/2017 12:09:00 am

Pressures on into my third year.
I'm still pretty shocked at how time has gone so fast.
I hate to say this but I've been so demotivated with working hard lately.
Only yesterday I gotten back into the spirits with working on my competition work until crazy late hours.

Although I've realised in recent days.... I've had opportunities to socialise with people I love and get back to old times with friends..However for some reason I've chosen not to.
I've been busy and pretty much taken over by the stresses of working. Maybe the realities of procrastination and not work as effective as I wanted to, made me re-evaluate whether I'm really gonna graduate.
and I mean reallllll PROcrastination haha.

Being really off from this blog for the past 3 years and not been consistent with blogging about things, mainly because I felt like I shouldn't rant all over my feelings on here xD
I really anticipate getting back onto blogging, even though I've been so disloyal to it all. But I felt like taking time of this made me think how much I missed those time to time posts when I just express those small joys in life.

So much has happened since I last blog posted, there are definitely glimpses when I think back and felt like I've grown so much over these nearly-three-years of University.

As of today, I am pushing myself to refine those deadly words for dissertation, it's been a fun topic to write but this has got to be dragging too long.
Hopefully I'll find that will power again to strive and do well, as I really don't want my motivation to cease and really.. at the end- I'd need to graduate. xD

How do you guys keep yourself motivated?

Hope you all have had a great start to 2017 ^_^  <3

Lauren xox

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  1. good luck with school! it can be really hard juggling everything but im sure you will be fine!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. All the best!! You can do it!



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