Start Of Uni!

9/21/2015 11:33:00 pm


Hey guys! Just thought I'd update my blog since I now have wifi in my room. FINALLY. It took the landlord ages to fix it since it's a new building, but I'm happy as everything is sort-of coming to place.

Joined the gym lately, it's really been testing my motivation haha. So far so good. I've visited the place more than 3 times this week. Really looking forward to the results ^_^. I'm also convinced by my fellow HK friends to be part of the Hong Kong Society Committee for our uni. It really has helped boost my confidence in speaking to people that I don't know. Speaking of strangers, I used to not be able to do this. I remember I'd just be shy and back out, however joining this society has really helped boost my self-esteem into speaking to people- even if it's just a person you wouldn't think of being friends with. The thing about speaking to new people is that I wouldn't regret it. However I know for sure I'd regret not making that friendship if I didn't initiate saying that hello. :D

Today I attended my first Year 2 welcome talk lecture, was quite daunting since I felt a lot of pressure already from the expectations coming from the tutors who were speaking. I know I'll work really hard for this year no matter, and probably try to outshine my own expectations. However, I've deeply thought about it to myself that I cannot have any distractions within the next two years, as they're quite crucial to the rest of my career. Blogging has always been something that I do during my free time. As much as I want to update on here, I feel as though I cannot just post content easily since I want to work hard, yet have a good time with my friends and enjoy uni life. 

It's hard to balance my priorities but I know what I want at the end of these three years. I want to succeed and be happy. I think this blogging platform will still be my little paradise to post things occasionally and to connect with you lovely fellow bloggers out there ^_^ However I do feel bad neglecting this blog at times in comparison to my free time back in Summer; where I almost post 2+ times a week. 

I definitely think recording my own journey on here would be a great thing for me to just look back upon, and maybe could possibly relate to you! 

I do apologise for my lack of blogposts or me visiting your blogs! 

Thank you so much for dropping by and Hope you're having a lovely week ahead of youuu ! ^_^ 

Much Love, 



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  1. You look very nice:) Cute photos:)

  2. good luck for your study Lauren ^^
    I hope u will still do blogging since u will be busy with ur study ^^
    Fighting ^^

    Tori Chu

  3. Best wishes with your studies You look beautiful♥♥

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  5. lucks on uni!! :)
    and outfits are on point :)
    shouldn't feel pressured to update your blog as frequently because everyone's got a life outside of blogging, i'm pretty sure others would understand.. lol

    Judy | Simply MiuYee

  6. Waa my bb Louise! <3 take good care of her for me please! Looks like you're settling in so well alr~ hope I can come and visit you guys in this flat somehow hahah xx

  7. Joining a group is the best way to meet friends. I'm not the type that goes up to people, but when you all go and bond about the same thing, and play ice breakers, you'll soon get comfortable with people. Good luck with having the motivation to go to the gym! Same goes to me. I just get so lazy!


  8. enjoy uni! And you have priorities, thats it ;)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  9. Aw good luck for the future to come at uni and basically just enjoy yourself. Your followers and blogger friends will understand the priorities that you have :) Still will be looking forward to your future posts though ^^

    Kelly ♡

  10. Wow! I exercise 45 min per day and it feels so good *^* It's great that you got more self esteem! You made a good decision!

  11. You look great on all those pictures!! Good look in Uni, hope you enjoy it to the max :D

  12. Wishing you the best of luck for these next few years! I'm sure you're going to do amazing things! This is my last semester of university, and I cannot believe how fast time flies. Cherish it! These are going to be some of the best years of your life :)


    Looks by Lau

  13. I recently started uni as well and talking to strangers was a big deal to me like not just chatting and introducing myself but actual talking! Im glad you were able to break out of your shell a little bit more <3 Goodluck to us!

    BCfactor Blog

  14. Glad you're slowly gaining that confidence in facing and talking to people in public, Lau. I'm actually doing the same thing. I joined an organization in our school, basically a camera guild but it still helped me boost my confidence in camaraderie. Wish you all the luck with your studies, Lauren! :)

    Lou |

  15. Goodluck with your new university, I'm happy that you found a great committee that helped in boasting your confidence <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  16. Oh very cute pics darling!
    I enjoyed your post

  17. Amazing post..Well done! I really love your blog. Keep going.
    Many kisses
    Lady Fur

    Please check my last post blog

  18. Sounds like you're having a ball at uni!
    Wishing you all the best with your studies

  19. Have fun in uni and cheers to another school year ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  20. Wooo uni is one of the best times in life~~ In my case better than high school haha :P
    Ugh just seeing your gym photo's makes me realize I haven't gone in a while :P


  21. Cool, this awesome blog always pulls me back to visit, I love all the beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!!!


  22. I hear you! I am back to school now too and haven't had much time to blog!! I hope you're having a great time in school and good for you for joining the gym. I have not worked out in months, haha!

    xoxo Emily

  23. Congratulations on starting uni!! I started at the beginning of the year and it was really daunting at first as well>_< But as you get to know more people it seriously gets so much better and makes uni so much more enjoyable~
    I recently joined the gym as well, i think it gets you really motivated to actually work out ^_^~ I usually just try to go once or twice a week though props to you for going three times hehe!


  24. Really cute blog! Good luck at uni too!

    Sophie xx

    That's Groovy

  25. Omgg! totally didn't notice you had a beauty spot on the bottom corner lip until now! I have one in the similar spot too but it isn't very obvious on photo. Hahaha. Goodluck with your studies! Year 2 is definitely gonna be harder than the first but I'm sure you'll do great! ^__^

  26. Enjoy uni! Looking at these photos make me want to go back to my uni years <3

    Visit // BLOGLOVIN


  27. I must say that I love all of your outfits and your beautiful face!

  28. It's so great to see you are enjoying uni! Definitely keep blogging in your free time as it will be something cute to look back on! Hope you have a great year!

  29. what a lovely post my dear
    amazing pictures you have such an inspiring style
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  30. Daww, Lauren! Good luck on your studies and take care of yourself! Btw, you look beautiful (as always) ^^~

  31. You are very pretty!


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