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REVIEW | Rio SoniCleanse Facial Brush

8/27/2015 12:49:00 pm

Hey guys!! ^_^ As you can tell from the title and the photos, I want to review this amazing facial brush from RIO! I can't explain how much I'm in love with this machine to pieces, just why didn't I realise this sooner? It's basically a cheaper version of the Clarisonic Facial Brush, and I've been dreading to get one so badly! 

As a student who can barely afford much and trying to save up for my university living cost, this is the PERFECT price in the market for those who want to remove the dirt/ grime effortlessly from their face. It definitely eased my heart a little more than spending on the full price for the Clarisonic- in which I think is definitely worth the money, however just not as price-friendly as for Lauren wise.

SONICLEANSE claims to leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed, smoother and revitalised. In which from my one week of usage evaluation, I totally agree. I've never felt such a clean yet smooth 'baby butt' canvas, this smoothness of skin has been what I've been wanting for the longest time.

After the first time of usage, my face wasn't so used to it as it hurt a little. At first I thought that the wheel would actually spin (haha I know so dumb XD) but it's actually this rapid oscillation (vibrating) that already gives a large impact already. 

I was pretty amazed at much cleaner and fresh I felt after using this. There wasn't a day after purchasing this that I haven't used it! Blemishes have kinda been flattened out from my skin, there were days I didn't feel like putting on makeup because of how smooth my skin felt.

The mechanism also came with inbuilt timer, the machine automatically beeps every 20 seconds, for you to alternate the sonicleanse brush around different areas of the face. For example, 20 seconds on your cheeks, 20 seconds on your forehead and T-Zone and then last 20 seconds on your chin area. 
The machine automatically shuts off after 1 minute/ 60 seconds. 
There are also two different settings, one click for faster setting and two clicks for moderately fast setting.

I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants clearer skin. I've definitely had troubles getting pimples here and there, but I feel like this could potentially be my life saver! 
It's a great alternative to the Clarisonic high margin price, was only retailed for £24.99 from TKMaxx. RRP £49.99 

The only disadvantage about this product is that the whole machine cannot be taken into the shower, it isn't fully waterproof. However my routine is to always remove my makeup first then add my favourite exfoliator/cleanser onto the machine, wet my face then start using it. 

I like that when it is charging, the light shows and beeps to show confirm that it is doing its job. It also comes with a stand which can be handy. I usually put the two brush heads into a plastic box whilst the machine stands to prevent dirt / dust.

I'd rate this 4 STARS out of 5 ^_^ 


- removes make-up, grime & dirt
- high battery life
-travel easy
-relatively cheap
-smoother skin
-comes with two brush heads


- Not Waterproof. Cannot place under running water. To clean it, you have to take out brush head  

Thank youuu so much for reading ^_^ 
Thank you again for the support for one year! 

What do you think of facial brushes? Comment below I'd love to know! 

Much Love, 



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  1. why so cute?! ;c

    i have the Clarisonic Mia and I LOVE IT.
    don't use it as much as i should BUT... it's cute to look at ROFL ><

    i did notice a difference from before and after using it which is a good thing because of how much it cost. LOL

    Judy | Simply MiuYee

    1. haha thank youuu judy :3

      The clarisonic should be good, if not better! If I were you girl I'd use it errrday!

  2. I've always wanted to get one of these. Your skin looks so clear, I'm jealous ;P

    Mishs Diary

    1. Thank youu Mish! <3 hehe but it's not clear at all!

  3. I've never used a facial brush. Though I know of a lot of people who have tried and like them, for myself I always feel like it's one of those unnecessary products that companies put out. But, as I said, I know of A LOT of people who like them. Oh well, haha.

    I'm glad you like yours! It's great to find something that really works for you :)


    1. Haha I guess everyone has their preferences! <3 thankyouu!

  4. Ive been wanting a Clarisonic for ages too! but this seems like a really good alternative~
    Your skin looks so flawless!
    Thanks for the review and sharing :D Watch me go raid TK Maxx for one now XDDD


    1. hahah girl you go doo that! yes hun, get it ! it's the best investment I've made for my skin! :D <3

  5. This looks like a great product and I like the price tag too. Have you tried the Clarisonic? I had mine for 3 years until it stopped working and I've been wondering if I should get that or try a different brand. I will definitely check this item out and see. Thanks for listing the pros and cons, I guess the big one is that is it's completely waterproof :(

    xoxo Emily

    1. haha nopee I haven't used the Clarisonic before! :( You should definitely continue using clarisonic as this isn't waterproof, it'll be hard for you to get used to it. However this not being waterproof doesn't really bother me as I clean my face before I hop into the shower! :D thanks for dropping by Emily ! <3

  6. I've purchased two Clarisonic Mias in the past because my first broke, but I wish I knew about this product before purchasing the second one! I'm sure they both work the same since they both oscillate rather than rotate.

    Your skin looks amazing, definitely gives me motivation to use my facial brush more often haha

    1. aww I never used the clarisonic mias, it'll be a weird transition to this one as it's not completely waterproof :(
      but yeah haha! Thank youuuu so much for dropping by Nicole! <3

  7. I have never used this type of brush, but I always hear/see positive reviews about them, and seeing how flawless your skin looks really makes me want to try it... Especially because this one is pretty affordable, thanks for sharing! x


  8. Glad to know that this product is actually working!! I definitely need something new to clear up my blemishes. If you know anything good for acne scars, please let me know!


    Looks by Lau

  9. I've heard so much about the Clarisonic and now there's a cheaper alternative. Obviously I'll go and purchase one at some point when I'm not so poor, which is like 80% of the time haha :P I thought your skin was nice when I first came across your blog anyway, but I'm glad this helped your skin even further, it's always great knowing that our skin is better than it's previous stage - boosts our confidence :)

    Kelly ♡

    1. Haha this is honestly one of the best things I've bought! should definitely check it outtt <3 and haha it's not that amazing before but I definitely say it really has improved my skin! <3 feels squeaky clean after using it ^_^ <3 thank youuu for dropping by kelkel! <3

  10. I've heard and read a lot of great reviews about this gadget. I wouldn't mind owing one at all.
    Great review, girl. :)


    1. hehe you should definitely give it a try! <3 thank youuu !

  11. Great review! Thanks for sharing!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  12. I never tried something like this before!
    It look so nice and really fun :3

    Latest post on worldismagiiic: http://worldismagiiic.blogspot.fr/2015/08/escape-shoes-i-want-new-shoes-now.html

  13. Oh very cute product, great review


  14. I never used something like this XD it seems a good facial brush
    anw your skin looks amazing and I love ur make up on this post XD so pretty ^^


  15. you are so cute!


  16. You are so cute!!! Love the post!:) http://livinlikeaileen.blogspot.com/

  17. Love you clothes,such a nice look!


  18. Thanks for the review! I wonder how this compares to the Clarisonic Mia? I've been wanting to try it out for awhile now, but it's so expensive. >//< Maybe I'll check out something like this instead.

  19. ohmygosh thank you for posting this, i've been wanting to find an alternative for the clarisonic version because I'm broke haha, I'm gonna give this a try!
    Minae ♥ Minaekei

  20. What a wonderful review! You are very pretty :)


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