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8/18/2015 04:23:00 pm

I've been emailed by CC Hair Extensions to blog about their amazing range of HAIR EXTENSIONS ! ^_^ I think it's great their online retail sales a wide variety for different needs.

It's amazing mainly because you've got the option to choose any hair colour, from natural black, medium browns to any bold colour. There is also a wide selection of how long you want the hair to be, from 15 inch to 18 inch! 

There are ways to also make it seem more natural, by choosing hair extensions that suits the your own hair type. This can be done through choosing the right thickness. Ranging from THIN (70-80g) to LUXURY (160g). Therefore there is always something in this website for everyone, as some people may have thin hair and may want thick hair extensions to make their hair appear voluminous. Or in other cases, their hair is thin and may want thin hair for a more natural look. 

These hair extensions are absolutely versatile to styling and can benefit for those who have short hair and maybe want to have a play with long hair. Very convenient in using CLIP-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS if you're starting off and would like to see if long hair is your cup of tea. 

Top Left: Dark Auburn (#33) Clip In Hair Extensions 
Top Right: Ash Brown(#8) Clip In Hair Extensions
Bottom Left:Ash Blonde(#24) Clip In Hair Extensions 
Bottom Right: Dark Auburn (#33) Clip In Hair Extensions
There are also Hair Weave or Micro Loop Hair Extensions depending on your preference ^_^

What's great about hair weave/hair weft is, is that it is applied very effectively and efficiently.  A hair piece is applied horizontally in strips against the head. Remy hair length ranges from 12 to 28 inches.

Adding on, this option is very advantageous for those who have thin hair and possibly change their hair life! They have been very famous with African American females however it is gradually getting famous around the world. They are basically individual strands of real hair in loops to be placed in the root of your hair. It's great because you can still stylize your hair however you want, from straight, curly, wavy etc!

What's great is that CCHAIREXTENSIONS provide 100% real human hair. It claims to give off a soft silky finish and no shedding, which is definitely a great guarantee! It also provides online pictorial, which is easily accessible. ^_^

Their website is very easy to use as well. As you can see, you can choose what type hair extensions you want, narrow down your choices to the ones you desire, if any problems/questions you can contact them and they are able to help you!

*Sponsored blogpost by CC Hair Extensions*

Many Thanks for Reading!


Have you tried hair extensions, if so what do you think of it?

Comment down below I'd love to know!

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  1. I've never use extensions but some of these are truly pretty!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I'm loving the new header btw, very girly ;)

    I've never used hair extensions in my life - fear of putting them in wrong lol and look ratchet lol >.< I think hair extensions are great especially for those who want long hair but have recently cut it. (me T_T) I probably wouldn't get HE though because I wouldn't make use of them thinking that they're too much hassle, but I'm all for it if others decide to purchase them :)



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