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#OOTD// Interview // Wasabi in Cambridge! // Shopping

6/19/2015 11:26:00 pm

Hey how y'all doing? Today I woke up early for my interview for another job. However I must say I have a HUGE feeling that I won't get the job. It felt really frustrating as it was so short, and I was such a poop for not memorising the things the night before in why I wanted to work there.... Felt like I twisted my words and mumbled alot - which meant I have a high chance of not getting the job. BUT 

it's okay.

Just keep positive! It's not good to be all pessimistic about it allll the bloody time.
Have to admit, was pretty moody after all the stress in the interview.
However the new WASABI sushi shop is nowwww opennn in Cambridge!

Was super stoked to see such a great selection from bento boxes, salads, hot foods, singular sushis at a verrrry affordable price. 

Seeing the Salmon nigiri just.. made my day. 

There were sooo many people, a long queue for to pay- but definitely worth it! I'm so glad WASABI came to
Cambridge- now I don't have to limit myself to sandwiches for lunch all the timeee ^_^ 

My friend treated me to this salmon triangle ONIGIRI, was sooooooo yummy! I laughed at him because he didn't know how to open the really complex but easy packaging xD

The Cambridge City Hotel- Interview Place

Faux Leather Jacket- Zara
Bag- Zara
White Jeans- Primark
Pale Pink Top- TKMaxx
Chelsea Boots- New Look 

I went into a couple of shops for some clothess (really didn't expect to get some) I was actually looking for daddy's father's day gifttt ^_^ I can't wait to show you guys in future blogposts some more OOTDs ^_^

TOP : H&M - Can you believe this top was only £3?!

After all the walking, my friend and I sat down under the tree. I took a photo from down below looking up. I realised how many more things in this world that I need to treasure and not take for granted.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post ^_^ 
Because I enjoyed writing it! 

Although I might not get the job from the interview today, I am glad to have experienced it. 

There's many things in life that I need to be happy about.

Anyways hope you all enjoy your weekend ahead of youuu ^_^

P.S. Tell me what your favourite shop currently is! There's sooo much sales going on right now!

Much Love ! 


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  1. I know how you feel about the job thing! I'd apply online and not even get through the interview stage! Haha.
    The sushis looked soo good! Omg ~ never seen such nice sushi's before ^^ Looks better than the ones you can get at a normal supermarket haha :)

    1. Aww, I guess I'm abit lucky then! They are amazing ^_^ definitely better than supermarket sushis <3

      Thanks for dropping by :)


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