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#OOTD First year is Over.

6/02/2015 04:21:00 am

Crop Top & High Waisted Jeans both from Primark
Loving their quality lately!!!! ^_^ Definite recommend ^_^

Happy 1st June!

Hey how's everyone doing?

I'm officially moving out of my flat in Uni tomorrow... right now I'm sitting on my bed in my room staring at the space all packed up ready to go homeee!

Cliché as it sounds, first year has gone tooooooo quickly. I still remember going out on Fresher's week with my friends and them telling me it's first years, you should come out more often whilst you can! It's a daunting thought that everything has come to an end.. as if it felt like I moved in not long ago.

Personally, my first year.. I guess has been Ok- ish. I know it's bad to be ungrateful for everything gooooood that has happened, but I definitely wished for the better. If only some thingS that didn't happen... wouldn't it have been much better. Uni life in general has been great- I mean at times I do miss the life of living with parents as such, but I do really LOVE the feeling of being independent in doing everything- buying, cooking, cleaning all for myself.

It's been a life-learning experience. At times when I really needed a person to talk to, I've learnt to depend on myself, phone up all the friends I could think of to chill- or even a text with to my mum.
Uni work this year- although some may say first year iz easy peasy. I'd agree. It's not hard but I think the amount was abiT overwhelming. Architecture workload is definitely what I initially envisioned it be.

I definitely give a massive WOOOOO to the friends I've made this year. Definitely geniune people here I've met in uni. I love the unexpected late night outings, from maccies at mine delivered by my besties to waiting till 6am for the solar eclipse thingy to happen (but was kinda a disappointment) - and I fell asleep.

HAHAHA I really hope next year will be an even better year.

Things I should stick to next year:

- Continue to WORK HARD, PLAY HARD.
- Be even more sociable
- Learn more recipes
- Stop overstressing self by constructive criticisms
- Don't fall for guys who simply just want to play around with your feelings (although cannot tell- but just be cautious!)
- Try to sleep early, wake early
-JOG! Go for a jog in early mornings, late nights whatever- just do some exercise Lauren!!
- Don't overthink
- Stay Humble
- Postive Thoughts > Negative Thoughts

How was YOUR first year of uni like?

Comment down below, I appreciate EVERY comment and will reply ASAP ^_^

Thanks for Readingggg ^_^

Much Love


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  1. ah first year of uni... a very confusing time! mine would have gone better if certain things didn't happen - people like to make way too much drama I found!

    cute outfit, have a fun summer!

    Charlotte Harvs - Blog

    1. Definitely agree with you girll! <3

      aww thank you! and I hope will too ! ^_^

  2. Have fun in uni! I miss all those good times!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  3. very cute outfit! My first year was lots of fun. It was kind of "honeymoon" year where you had your independence and all the freedom in the world. Once you got over the novelty, the next couple of years would be hard work and study. Those are the best years so treasure them as they go by so fast.

    1. Aww yess! First year has gone by sooooo fast, can't imagine what's the next two years like!

      Thanks for dropping by ^_^


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