6/24/2015 12:36:00 am

Hey guys! Upcoming there will be many clothing shop wishlist, here I start off with TOPSHOP ^^ 
I've been really into crochet tops with simple jeans or skirt. Here is a selection of things that I adore. I understand my selection is abit colour minimal, but I've realised these simple colours look best on me :). Hope you liked my wishlist :D 

What's your wishlist item from Topshop? 

Alot of hype has been gone round to these button down denim skirts, I think these would be great and chic for the summer. I chose the black one as it's easier to coordinate with other pieces- I think it'd look so cute! 

The square/boxy type of neck top has been the trend lately, I love how there's so much of the word elegance in one dress! Best of all, it's in white. 

Cannot miss out on crochet tops this summer. I just love jumping into one of these then pair it with a kimono on the outside to finish the look. Sexy but casual. LOVEEE ^^

I've always dreamt of graduating or going to a ball with these types of shoes. I thought I'd add these to the wishlist since they look so pretty <3 

I've never had a nude coloured tote/bag. This looks so cute, perfect fit for the new term when I go back to uni. Totes are great, they don't put extra weight to the items you've got. I definitely think this one would fit all my daily necessities such as laptop, notebook etc.  

I've been dying for a watch like this and I think I've found the one. Better save my money just for this one. THIS ONE. The big dial watch could seemingly make an illusion of a smaller wrist, which I think looks very elegant, would add a touch of sophistication to any outfit!

The hem was what attracted me to this, it just looks so different from all the other lacy tops because it's got this irregular sleeve. The bonus was also the white colour- would look flowy and summery ^^ 

I've always adored TOPSHOP items, what's your TOPSHOP wishlist? I'd love to know! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Thanks for dropping by ^^

Much Love,


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  1. I loooovvveeee your wishlist! I also absolutely love minimal colour palettes and find that they look best on me, so I'm so there with you, girl! That button up skirt and nude pumps are to die for!

    May x | THE MAYDEN

    1. Yes yes haha thank youuu May! ^^ Minimal palette is the thing to go <3

      thanks for dropping by xox

  2. Amazing Wichlist 😊 i love watch and crochet top 😘

  3. Lovely picks! The bag and dress look really pretty. I just followed you on bloglovin :)

    Sarah |

  4. I love the grey button up skirt so much! I have it in the blue but since they've bought it out in so different colours, I want them all! Great wishlist - makes me want to buy things :P xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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