#MOTD Moving On// Deep Talk

6/04/2015 05:08:00 pm

Dress: New Look Strap Dress
Eyes: Benefit + Urban Decay 3 Palette
Lips: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint- Pink 

Moving on. It is hard. However I never imagined it to be this hard. I really wished you could see how much it hurts and the significance you were in my heart.

I'm not writing for you to see this, however I wished I never erased you off any social media, it was by accident. Truly honest. As if there was a moment where I wanted to add/follow you back but the reality is right in front of my eyes. Though I see this as a fate, that this was planned- even if it was merely an 'accident'.

Memories came rushing into my head as soon as the weight lifted off my shoulder.. it felt like I walked away from you. But all I want to do is cry. I want to cry off that extra weight because suppressing this has been so painful. Seeing you around my phone, my laptop or any social media could possibly lead me to keep checking up on you... looking to see what you could be doing etc.

I need to get back to the mindset that you're completely gone. That it's impossible. And it's not healthy for me. I'll just see this as the closure between us, because throughout these four months without seeing or talking to you...has been difficult for me to keep myself happy.

Friends encourage me alot through telling me that I don't need a guy to keep me happy and it's true. I really don't. Maybe it's the fact that I see the surrounding people with their loved ones filled with happiness, I want to smile like them too.

From this day onwards, regardless of my mood swings or not.. I will try my best to not check up on you. I will try to not get upset through thinking about our past. Lauren needs to mooooooove forward

I feel so goooood letting all those emotions outtttttt :)

P.P.S. I'm so sorry this has been a depressing post =_=
I'll make sure my next one will be cheerful ^_^

Hope you're all having a goood day :D
Please leave a comment on how you've dealt with a broken heart or moving on, I'd love to know!

Much Love


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  1. I'm sorry to hear about you going or went through rough
    times. I hope you cheered up a little bit c;
    You look really pretty and love the dress!

    1. That's sooo sweet of you, thank you!
      Yes, I guess everyone goes through a really rough patch one time in their life. This will hopefully make me stronger ^_^
      Thank you for dropping by!

  2. You look gorgeous and your eyes are pretty!
    I followed you on GFC #5, hope you can follow me back ;)

    The Flower Duet

  3. Hello,

    Beautiful ! :D

    Sarah, http://sarahmodeee.blogspot.fr/

  4. positivity wins in the end :)

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