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Day Out with my Good Friend ^ ^

6/27/2015 10:24:00 pm

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't blog last night. I felt the sudden struck of pain (still am) because of mothernature.. I know that's TMI but I wanted to blog honestly. ^ ^ sharingiscaringHAHA.

Had an amazing catchup time with my dear friend Alexa on Thursday. We met since we were like back in year 5/6 back in our primary school, however we were not friends back then. I think as time went by, we were in the same science class which we then spoke more and had realised we both had similar tastes in MUSIC and kdramas etc. Not to mention our problemz with boys. We went round town to shop for her early shop for her birthday! We managed to find alot of stuff in the sales. I obviously stuck around Zara for a long time xD

Hehe. She brought me the most adorable souvenirs back from Japan and I can't thank her enough. They were so pretty packaged OMG!

Alexa if you're reading this I owe you ! hopefully you'll like my present for you for your birthday ^ ^

We then went to WASABI to grab some sushi for lunch!
She forced me to buy those bentos for the first time since I wasn't really up for such a big lunch but oh well I DON'T REGRET IT <3
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It was sooooooo delicious.

Honestly was sooo good. I couldn't believe the sushi was so affordable. 

Being the great friend I am, decided to creep on Alexa :)))))))
Not a special OOTD, just Grey Tshirt and Black Jeans!
Nails: Huckleberry by Barry M 

Had a look at dresses at New Look- Found this dress VERY revealing- but I liked it on! 

Think I need to have another deep look into these types of dresses. They're so flattering ^^

Anyways hope you enjoyed reading ^ ^ What did you guys get up to this summer lately? 

Comment down below, I'd love to know! 

Much Love


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  1. I love Zara it has to be my one of my favourite stores~ ^_^
    aww you guys are soo adorable... aaand the dress LOOOKs ammmaziing on you~ stunner!
    Sindy xx

  2. Nice blog! Beautiful pictures:)
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know:)

  3. That sushi looks so good T_T I usually don't eat sushi in bentos because I feel like they aren't enough, but they fill you up easier than you think :P BTW, that dress looks good!



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