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A walk in the park

6/06/2015 09:18:00 pm

Today I decided to have a walk around outside my house area just to take some fresh air. It was such a good idea since the weather was so nice (quite rare in the UK). I went alittle further than I did before and found a park that I've never discovered (felt like Dora the explorer today)

It was the perfect opportunity to take some photos on my new iPhone 6 - to try out some photography and leashed out my Nikon camera. Suddenly forgot how much I loved taking photos of the natural surrounding, it's so beautiful. I wanted to capture the moments that I encounter, however not take the alone-time for granted. The sound of the wind which moves the leaves against each other, seeing children playing on the grass and dog owners bonding with their pets.

This walk has been relaxing and makes me want to go do this more often ^_^

I feel like if there is something in your mind, that you feel is giving you a headache or you need that occasional boost for yourself.. a walk on your own by yourself (or with anyone) can totally release some of that stress. Surround yourself with natural beauty <3

I'd love to know how you destress yourself!
Please comment below- it'd make my day for sure ^_^

Much Love


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  1. Beautiful pictures, congrats on the new iPhone 6. Is that your cute dog? Thank you so much for dropping by my place and leaving such a nice comment. Followed back on GFC Please keep in touch. Happy weekend, girl.

  2. Cute park and dog!
    Agnes x



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