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6/01/2015 12:55:00 am

Hey guys!
I've been so MIA for a long time since I've only just finished my 1st year of uni YAYAYAY!
Just wanted to post some OOTDs for you guys
TOP: tkmaxx
SHORTS: tkmaxx

Lately there's been alot going on around my head of what coulda, shoulda, woulda happened. Most of the time I blame myself for things that has happened and I wished I worked harder, done much more, and just generally changed the way I did things.

What's already lost is lost, and whats done is done. My good friend described how people can say bad things behind others back- basically said that I'm too 'nice' and.. I don't have a backbone. This is because I let these things get to me, I absorb them... and then overthink. Which I totally agree. I think I give in- trust people too easily, too nice to people and get tooooo paranoid about what others think of me. At the end of the day... it was just all my own overthinking.

Maybe I'm just really traumatised. Not wanting to sound like I am at the bottom but I felt so depressed with myself lately. Not just about the people surrounding... but me. Although education is going well, friendships are amazing + supportive, family is always there for me... there's just something about me that feels so empty. I've tried to keep myself busy into stop thinking about this one person.. This one person, who I've fully gave into, made me feel special and happy- but then left me hanging and just acted like they don't care at all. I've been convinced that there are so many other things that I could focus on, but from time to time... this person keeps cropping up in my mind.

I regret investing so much time into this person. I should've known it'd left me in pieces.
But apart from that,
There are still many reasons for me to smile, to make me feel that I need to get over my old feelings and surpass this.

so SMILE :)

-sorry I ranted alot and most probably it didn't make sense.

But I hope you girls had an amazing weekend! <3


Much Love

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  1. lovely look <3


  2. I think most people go through this at least one time in their life. Moving forward I'm sure you'll meet others who fully appreciate you for you.

    Cool top by the way. :)


  3. Love the top, so very flowy and summery!


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