deeptalk #1

5/07/2015 11:40:00 pm

Taken in Milan, April 2015.

How do you feel about liking someone and suddenly it abruptly stops.. out of nowhere?

It's the same with anything really.

The feeling of something not being reciprocated or you just don't see the effort that's been given back to you. I mean.. not just materialistically wise.

Those times when you see that person who has really tried open your heart to them. Then suddenly stops. What hurts is to witness this happening, feeling helpless along with the other party not seemingly affected at all. In hindsight, I felt as if I was the only dramatic one.

Sometimes you really try to convince yourself that you should be humble and be understandable with the whole situation, and just let it go. As it is.

The hardest part in dealing with these sorts of things.. is to keep calm and walk away. If they're not going to give anything back.. why bother expecting?

Maybe that's just me.. my expectation was high.

Has anyone felt like this before?
p.s. sorry for the deepness >_<

I'd love to hear about you too!
Comment down below ^_^


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  1. it happens sometimes, and we find something else :) nice photo!


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