4/28/2015 03:35:00 am

I decided to blog about my trip to Milan back in Easter; words cannot explain how much I loved the weather over there! Everything was amazing, the food, the sightseeing destinations and of course being with my family. Though I was very stressful within the first few days of being there, due to my airline losing my baggage from London to Milan. I sat at the baggage arrival waiting for almost an hour and discovering it never came :( I had to go along with the travel schedule and go back to my hotel without my luggage :'( I was so devastated about my Uni Architectural work that I'd brought along with me however I was relieved and blessed they had found it two days later:) Apart from all this frustration, I managed to take breathtaking views of Lake Como in Italy in Milan. =)

If any of you are planning a trip somewhere this break, definitely check out Milan. A great getaway from all the work in uni ^_^

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