My Day in a Blogpost

9/07/2014 07:55:00 pm

Thought I'd show you guys a blogpost of my day since I don't really make vlogs or have a youtube channel as of yet. 

This morning I started to make some sushi with my mum! (which I ended up finish making them) T'was a good practice since I will need to know how to make it myself in uni D: 

Here was my mum demonstrating on how to do it first haha :) We didn't have many ingredients for making sushi, but usually we would also have other vegetables like cucumbers and carrots etc. Today we had frankfurters and salmon :* 


But today, I went to one of my good friends- Natalie surprise birthday party
I was very proud of my friend Maui, Nirali and Natalie's boyfriend in organizing it for her as it made the event even more special ^-^ It was a really cute party because I got to witness her very-so surprised face, I thought that my good friend's efforts allll paid off! ^_^ (you did a great job if you're reading this, I am so proud of you!) 

Sorry for late blogpost guys, 

Hope you've had a good Saturday:)

Honestly, I've had a lot of things cropping up in my mind lately, but I hope things will be ok and just get better. I just want to say I feel blessed and grateful for all the things I've been given and just really glad to have met people like you <3 


Do not chase people, be you, do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you and stay. 



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  1. Ahh you make sushi at home! I should try to do that haha I've been craving sushi for the longest time ><; I'm lovin' the quotes at the end of the posts btw :)

    Catherine |

    1. you definitely should, as an asian and obviously a very skint student myself, I think Ima stick with homemade sushi in uni hahahA! You should definitely try it out one day with your mother XD

      Yes yes that quote will stick with me! :D

  2. YOUTUBE ! Start one love I would totally subscribe ! I'm loving the mothers ring btw :D Btw you better make me sushi when I come to your uni ! Thank you for coming to the party you and jason are just the loveliest people ever ! & things will always get better !


    1. aww omg I def make you da sushi when u come here!
      i hope it does! girl you need to update your blog K <3 xxxxx


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