It's been a long time!

9/18/2014 08:21:00 pm

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of blogposts recently. I've just moved out of my home to my university area (2 hours away) which I needed time to get used it. It's been quite a journey from the first day I came here and I'd say I like it here. Very much do I miss home but I kind of tell myself I can't be sad I need to live a little and just make myself proud. 

At times I feel like I can cope with this new life, however sometimes I look at my other aspects like the subject Architecture, the students within the class, my friends and just feeling abit homesick.. makes it all very hard.

I would say I haven't really cried much as I don't feel that upset. I felt that I needed to try to do things for myself and just be really independent. However, making friends here has been sometimes a trek for me. 

What I've encountered today felt really bad. I don't know about you but I'm the sort of person who likes to make friends through a particular situation. For instance, I went up to a girl who was sitting alone at the lecture theatre today and thought, wouldn't it be nice if I just make her feel less lonely or just use it as an advantage to make friends with her? 

However my outcome wasn't what I had expected it to be. She asked if my friend and I could sit two seats away from her as her friends were coming. This made me kind of felt sort of rejected and just wow. I guess I shouldn't have assumed that she was lonely or just even wanted to sit with anyone. At the end, her friends never came and she sat on her own :/. *Nevertheless, enough with the ranting xD*

Of course, there can be times like this. However little small things that happen for example today, kind of hurts me quite alot. I felt so unwelcomed and just felt even more daunted by the idea of presenting my design or project to the class. 

What really upsets me is that I truly feel lonely when it comes to friendship over here. I can't come to know who I really hang out with for now apart from friends who were from my old college. 

I really wished things would change. I really hope that me picking this course wouldn't be a regret. I really miss my family and my friends over there. 


So sorry for the depressing post xD 
Alot of things are going round me for now..

Apart from that, what keeps me going is that I love my university town and it's a lovely place to live! ^________^

Thanks for reading!! ^_^ 

Hope you're having a lovely week ahead of you!


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  1. Currently so nervous for freshers as I'm not a party girl and I do experience similar situations with you when I try making friends :S Omggg! I so get what you mean! I miss home so much :( I miss having free food and free everything but I too have to learn to be independent, cooking for myself have been such a challenge and having to shop for bargains is quite tricky too since I'm not familiar with the place, but soon things will get better :)

    1. awww thank you ! glad someone feel the same way too! :D xxxYeah I hope things will get better aha and YES definitely bargain shopping is my thing:D

  2. that looks like such a lovely town!
    you'll make friends, maybe not with that girl but there's still so many other people you have yet to meet but I totally understand how it feels to make friends all over again.
    Lucky for me, I'm going to travel everyday so I avoid those hall situations hah.

    All the best for your uni life, it'll work out :) x

    1. It is a lovely town XD
      Aha yeah maybe not with that girl
      OMG have fun girl, definitely an experience of a life time xxxxx
      Thank you hun, all the best to you too! xx

  3. I'm sorry you're having a bit of a rough time, I can 100% relate to everything you're going through, and it really is a crappy feeling. It does get better though, and you WILL meet new people and make new friends, I promise. I was so homesick the first few months that I went away to school, I would go home almost every weekend, which actually put me at a disadvantage because it prevented me from going out and meeting new people at parties, etc.

    Long story short, by the end of my first year away from home, I had made so many new friends and I was really comfortable in my own skin. You can do it! :D


    1. awwww thank you hun! Aha I wouldn't say I am homesick but kind of just need to get used to the people here. Aha that's so cuteee bless you, Bet you had a smashing time in uni! xxxx


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