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Crazy Obsession for Phone Cases ☺

9/03/2014 06:50:00 pm

 Some people might read this blogpost and be like.. what the... Why has she got so many cases for just one phone? I know people will say that it's too crazy also have such big ears on a phone or even just splurge on these useless things. 

To me, it makes me happy. Phone cases not only just protect my beloved telephone but also makes me happy. It makes me happy whenever I see it because I personally see it as a fashion statement and to be quite honest, this amount has been collected over the past two or so years from gifts of families' and significant others! - so THANK YOU <3 

Anyways, I thought I'd show you guys just cos' I wanted you all to know that eBay does amazing phone case deals aha. These are the following that I've found that I've used and I regularly wash them cos you know (hygiene). They are quite durable to use and depending on how you like your phone to be like, some people think the big ears are unnecessary - (it doesn't really for me anyway) But I definitely recommend you guys going on eBay or Amazon to check out these crazy but cute phone cases! The cases I've bought so far have not costed me more than £4 on ebay, I think most of them costed me around £2-£3 depending on your seller ! :D 

My phone is Samsung Galaxy S3- There are plenty of other phone model cases as well! ^_^ 

Blue Silicone Case- around £1-2 on eBay

Pink Rilakkuma Silicone Case- around £1.99 on eBay
Marc Jacobs Love Dog Silicone Case- around £2-3 on eBay

Rilakkuma Silicone Case- £3 on eBay

Marc Jacobs Love Rabbit Silicone Case- £2-3 on eBay

Hybrid Best Impact Dual Layer Hard Case Cover

£2-3 on eBay

Cath Kidston Hard Cover Case- I forgot sorry haha xD 

My most recent one <3 Disney Marie Aristocats Silicone Case- Around £2 on eBay

Thank you for reading this! 

What phone cases do you use? or do you not use any at all?

P.S. I have enough so I'm done buying haha 
please don't judge trol ty 


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  1. They are sooo cuuuteee !! I also have so many cases just for one phone. :))


    1. haha just so hard to resist to not buy them, they're so cute!

  2. So cute ^^
    I also love phone cases, I used to use the same brown Rilakkuma ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. IT'S SO CUTE :3 haha thank you for dropping by ^_^


  3. OMG!!! these are so cute. I also have a s3 but only 3 cases, 1 is the flip one-hate them and the other 2 are plain and boring :(


    1. Aww you should get them from ebay girl! xx :*


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