8/27/2014 07:46:00 pm

Since I just started blogging on this page, I wanted to share one of the most cutest memories from this summer. In my college for sixth formers, we tend to have summer ball every year for those who are leaving Year 13s and also year 12s to celebrate the end of exams.

Ever since the start I've never been to this event but I thought this year why not, as it will be last formal celebration with my friends and teachers. I had an amazing time with my friends dancing in the venue, to be honest I personally wasn't really a great dancer myself but I just felt like I danced as if no one was watching hahaha! xD

I thought that this event was worthwhile since its been a long time for us to celebrate! Sixth form, no doubt was pretty tough and tiring. I was glad it was all over and this occasion was a really nice ending to it. At that point I really hoped I got into university with my friends, which we finally did WOOOP <3 I wanted to thank all my friends, family and bf for the amazing support and love :D

My dress was from Topshop, I think it was called Bardot Bodycon Dress in Black ^_^



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