South Korea Trip Recap! ❤ ♥

8/27/2014 02:23:00 am

This summer I finally went to my wishlist place to go... 
 it's South Korea! (not North aha) 

I'd say the first few days wasn't as exciting as I thought because we went to the more countryside of South Korea. 

I realised that alot of people in Korea like to wear couple tees when they are out on their date, this is so cute <3

Trust me, I probably look like a weirdo taking all these pics from the convenient shops xD haha so neat though- the OCD coming out! Apparently the chips are meant to be 'not' fattening haha.. don't trust this. 

I think the the best parts were definitely going to the Seoul tower and also learning to make kimchi haha! 

Here with my cousin in love lock area ^_^

Let's start! ^-^

We were then offered to wear some hanboks hahaha giving us opportunities to take many photos ;)
my brother in her lovely attire :D

We then went to 3D museum haha and this happened...

                                                            haha my dad xD

My love for sushi ;)

If you haven't tried banana milk from Korea, you definitely need to try it! I didn't think I would like it at first, but it's really good :D

I'd definitely recommend going to South Korea, it's such a nice place to go to, especially for shopping too ! ^_^ However this trip I was along with tour guides, which meant that shopping time was minimized, so we only spent a small amount of time in the main shopping areas like Myeongdong and Dongdemeun.

 I really liked Myeongdong shopping for cosmetics and affordable clothing. I wouldn't say it's easy to haggle with the ahjusshi or ahjummas but I learnt a few phrases in Korean which I will never forget.
ahn yong ha sayo - HELLO
ye pu da!- you're pretty! -> trololol some cleaner lady said this to me and I had no clue what she said XD
oi mai ae yo?- How much is this?
pi sai yo!- So expensive!
kat kat cho sae yo?- Give me offer please?
kamsamnida!- thank you

hahahahaha as you can tell, my korean is pretty basic.


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  1. Just followed you on bloglovin! I really want to go to south korea too ahh ><; thanks for sharing your trip with your readers :)

    Catherine |


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