I'm all about Polaroids!

8/28/2014 08:09:00 pm

I am quite a polaroid addict myself, as I'm really into exploring and experimenting with different textures within photography. Definitely not a photog expert myself, but this has been really fun and thought it'll be fun to share some of my work. 

I don't know but I just love the look of photos being framed with a very delicate, vintage look of a frame. It kinda makes me feel like a captured place or person or anything to do with the memory itself is being carefully placed into a small square or just a sentimental piece to keep in describing the moment.

 I don't personally own a polaroid, but I enjoy using phone apps to (cheat) and put cute pictures onto them hahaha! ^_^ 

Some are online polaroids and some are from the app called Afterlight. All photos are taken personally from my Samsung Galaxy S3 device ★ I use VSCOcam and PicsArt as my photography editing softwares! Please check out my Instagram @laurlauu for more photos :D Thank you hunnies 

Thank you for reading! 


Lauren Xx

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