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9/01/2014 01:16:00 am


Cannot describe how much I love Jenn Im, she truly is my inspiration within fashion. Every video she makes completely blows my mind how her outfits can look so fun but effortless. She is classic, down to earth person and what's great is that I'm never bored of her videos! ^_^ I wouldn't entirely say I follow how she dresses religiously, but her outfit ideas are endless and chic. 

What I also love about her style of clothing is that she HAS many styles in her wardrobe. She can wear the most girly girl outfits to the most tomboy grunge look. I really love how she broadens her style and not just stick to one. This makes me open my eyes to many options of clothing 8-) 

She wears outfits that makes it feel like she is very confident with what she wears but also comfortable too. Not only does she buys clothes from main shops like H&M or Topshop (or any other high street shops in America) She also picks up from charity shops to help layer her outfits, which led me to go into charity shops more often. It is often exciting to find an amazing statement piece  for example, like a leather jacket in a charity shop for like £5-£10 . I admire that not only she keeps up to her street but she also thinks about her budget too ;). 

If you haven't checked her youtube out, please do here ! I absolutely aspire to dress like her haha, she really is up her game with the amount of styles and tips on her youtube channel! ^_____________^ 

Jenn Im also does makeup tutorials too !! I love how her videos always look so fresh and omg she's so beautiful :3.

Thank you for reading this blogpost ^-^

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Lauren X x 

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