Ebay 10 Piece Kabuki Brush Set Review ✿

8/30/2014 09:02:00 pm

Very recently I discovered that eBay did some really great brushes. I wasn't going to get them since I was already very happy with the Real Techniques that I own. However, I was reassured and convinced by other bloggers on the net, that eBay brushes have really great quality and price too. So I gave it a go and I have to say they were more than I expected. First off, I really liked how it was price friendly for me. Since I am a student, I can't really pay for alot as I am saving money for University and I also have other things in mind too. Second of all, the brushes literally remind me of those high quality brushes you find from Sigma, Zoeva etc. Don't get me wrong, I love high end brushes, but right now I'd like to benefit myself financially first haha. XD 

But trust me girls, I got these for £7.99 here and the delivery was SO fast, with only two working days of waiting, literally just took two days! 

They are so beautiful... I can't even. 

Another thing is that, if you realise; the kabukis also have a replica in their eyeshadow brushes. So there is a flat top for foundation and a flat top brush for eyeshadow this goes with the others. I love them so much, I can't express much love for them (as also seen on my August Favourites previously.) If you do not trust eBay, it is fine. At first I was not entirely sure about it, but I found out that most of the eBay sellers often dislike their customers in giving them bad feedback. Majority of sellers that I buy from have at least 99.7% positive feedback.

So if there is anything that goes wrong with your brushes, these amazing eBay sellers will help you out in trying to solve the problem to prevent you from giving them bad feedback!

I definitely recommend you buying them. I've had no shedding so far in these synthetic hair brushes and I think it also comes in black, bamboo and pink etc. (you might have to check other sellers though.) 

Hope you enjoyed this mini review, 
and hope you had a great day! 

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Much Love,

Lauren Xx

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  1. I absolutely love it when you find things like this one ebay! & for just £7.99, amazing!


    1. I know right?? it's super duper worth it!

      thank you for your comment girl ;)



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