100 Random Things about ME ^_^

8/30/2014 12:46:00 am

As the title says, I thought I'd make a blogpost in introducing myself to blog readers out there aha :D (not that I'm self centred or anything :$) 
But yes, at first I am quite self-conscious + big worrier- (still am) in terms of starting a blog and also posting pictures of myself.. but OH WELL. Over the past years I've become truly inspired by other bloggers, artists, photographers and youtubers out there and I want this blog to allow myself to express things that may inspire others and just a little paradise for me to explore and present things that I enjoy myself in my own time. 
Anyways I hope you enjoy reading these random facts ^______________^ 

1. I am a full Chinese, I have both Chinese parents who both come from Hong Kong and was born in Hong Kong. 
2. I am quite a short person. 159/160cm?  5 ft 3 inches. 
4. I wished I was a shopaholic but right now I'm kinda skint
5. Most of the time I don't go out with people to hang out is cos skint and I don't have a job YET (lol just had an interview today..waiting for them to call me back) 
6. I actually think I spend way more money on makeup than on clothing items. 
7. I don't have pets. 
8. I have a thing for rice and noodles. I don't feel as full without eating carbs.
9. I fear the feeling of failure. So I work really hard in college. (honest ok)
10. I'm into many kinds of music. Not really into metal or rock ok- no offence
11. I once had a birthday on the plane, I remember my nose was bleeding as well. Soo so embarassing.
12. The main shops I go to for clothes are H&M, Zara, Primark, Ebay, TKMaxx and some other online shops.
13. Favourite Youtuber for Fashion: ClothesEncounters 
14. Favourite Youtubers for Makeup: StyleSuzi + Michelle Phan and many more I can't think right now
15. I may appear to be a really horrible and moody person but I actually really want to make friends with you
16. I have secrets and many worries and I wished I can release them sometimes.
17. I am really self-conscious.
18. I recently got into University, going to do ARCHITECTURE. Managed to get AABBC in Art, Product Design, Health & Social Care, Chinese and Psychology for my Alevels trol.
19. I was going to do Interior Design, but on results day I changed my course coz life's too short. Joke I just prefered doing Architecture.
20. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY scared of going to the new town for university life.
21. I think I am a bad person. :/
22. I have problems in trusting someone. ONLY SOME. I only trust a minority of people. Like 3-4 people.
23. I wished I was cleverer.
24. I discovered that I am someone who finds it hard to say no.
25. I don’t want to have short hair as of yet.
26. In winter I wear many layers of socks.
27. My favourite colours are white, black, blue and pink
28. I want nice eyebrows
29. I don’t have ear piercings or any piercings. I want one.
30. I speak Chinese, English, can understand Mandarin
31. My star sign is Leo
32. My Chinese Zodiac is a Pig.
33. I love art a lot. If architecture isn’t my thing I want to do something art-related in the future. Cos’ it’s really is my thing.
34. I write and draw with my right hands
35. I am scared of rollercoasters and horror movies
36. I don’t like eating lamb.
37. My fav food is sushi.
38. My next I-WANT-TO- GO-TO destinations are Japan and Greece
39. Whoever iz still reading this I really love you because you deserve a reward for reading this boring blogpost.
40. I want ice cream right now
41. I watch blogilates and do those squats occasionally
42. I think I get angered easily
43. I can’t stand people who don’t reply to me. CANNOT. YOU’RE RUDE. –seen-
44. I used to collect stickers because they make me happy :D
45. I wished I can cook amazing food.
46. I am someone who likes to keep to their promises :D
47. I am quite a friendly person I guess?
48. But my mood changes idk.. hormones >:/
49. aww bless you I hope you’re not having a hard time in reading this
50. I am quite an Asian person.
51. I love Asian snacks, Asian noodles, rice cooker, bubble tea, whatever it is ;)
52. I loveeee photography as well. I have an Instagram so follow me on @laurlauu :D thanks
53. I have sold a painting before for £30. That moment was one of my most proudest moments haha.
54. I aim high in life. Which is bleh Idk. Is it a good thing? I don’t know expectations can be bad though.
55. Generally, I am quite a negative person. People with positive vibes really push me and change my thoughts. THANK YOU POSITIVE PEOPLE <3
56. I really like friends who are loyal and give amazing advice. You know who you are.
57. I dream of travelling with my favourite friends when I am older and also take my family out to holidays ^_^
58. In my family, I have a mum, a dad and a brother.
59. In Alevels, my favourite subjects were Art and Psychology
60. I can play piano, with grade 7 and also guitar :D
61. I want to make OOTDs more often :D
62. I am straight.
63. I love my bf ^_^
64. I kinda want a tattoo, something to do with stars.
65. I sometimes take inspiration from Kpop music videos for fashion and makeup :D
66. I love my mother’s cookings and bakings.
67. I wouldn’t say I am someone who sticks to the phone when I'm out. But at home I am. xD
68. Someone who doesn’t give up on me even when I am at the worst state ever, is literally the person I want to keep in my life.
69. .....................;) joke haha YOU’RE BORED AREN’T YOU?
70. I used to collect hello kitty stuffed toy plushies. They’re still in my wardrobe haha.
71. I love doing someone’s makeup, (if someone agrees to it) haha it makes me feel I’m trusted.
72. I love going swimming and play badminton.
73. Honestly, I like being complimented :D It makes me feel happy :DDDDDD
74. Ever since starting this blog, this has been a long time I’ve written so much.. my last time was my health & social care essay/thesis trolololol.
75. I really want to be a motivated blogger/instagrammer person haha. It’s really fun. I hope I can still write often even when I am in Uni.
76. I really want to learn French fluently (I have learnt it from GCSEs but not fluent) and also Korean
77. I have designed a logo for my school back in 2011 for our Year 11’s jumper uniform, which more than 200+ people wore ^_^
78. I want to own a designer bag one day ^_^
79. I want to get married after the age of 25.
80. I wished I could be friends with guys without feeling judged. :/
81. I used to watch Anime :D
82. I like to draw occasionally and keep records of inspirations
83. I like singing in the shower hahaaa xD
84. For the moment, I can’t walk in high-high heels :/       
85. I don’t like eating buffets.
86. I keep record of diary-like journal on my calendar
87. I am scared of frogs           
88. I wanted to do nursing. But discovered it wasn't really what I wanted to do.
89. I really want to eat street foods like egg waffles in hong kong right now.
90. I have a lot of cousins :D <3 love them all.
91. I’m so hungry that I just went and grab some cake to eat  
92. I love broccoli, it’s my favourite vegetable.           
94. I love snapchat. Snap me at laulauii xxxx
95. I have a sweet tooth for deserts :3
96. My parents used to have a Chinese Restaurant and I used to work as a waitress.
97. I used to live in a 6 floored mansion in Hong Kong and I wished I still lived there.  (notbragging ok)
98. I am running out of things to write. But I am going to keep going haha. I think people who buy me food are the most amazing people ever. It can be anything from KFC to Rice.
99. I collect stationary. HAVE TONS OF PENS 0.0 need to throw some away D:
100. Really glad that you got this far <3 Thanks for reading ^_^


P.S. plz don't judge D: 

Good Night Hunnies,

X x

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  1. I loved reading this! I feel like I actually know you now, maybe I should write a post like this too!

    Good luck with your job interview, and I would love to see some of your artwork on here. :) I followed you on instagram, by the way! Great post, keep up the good work. XOXO



    1. Hunni you're so supportive! Thank you once again! ^_^ aha you should definitely go ahead and do it! Remember you are tagged ^_~
      Haha thank you!!! I'll definitely follow you right back X x x


      Lauren X X


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